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About the Comic

The Timestar?“Time Trouble” is an adventure/fantasy/sci-fi/comedy web comic that follows the adventures of three generations of heroes. With a few noted exceptions, each generation’s viewpoints are seen through the perspectives of a 1990s black teenager named Kirk Kollins (G2), a small 1940s Native American boy Clay Braverock (G1) and two former villains named Almond and Nougat (G0) who hail from unknown periods. Because it showcases so many personalities, it is primarily character driven.

Each generation’s story is interlinked through an enigmatic man named The Inventor and, more importantly, his Timestar – a strange orange pocket watch that contains the soul of a mysterious demigod called The Eternal Timekeeper. It was the Eternal Timekeeper’s job to protect all of time and space… until something, somewhere went horribly, terribly, cosmically wrong.

Now, all three generations must contend with friends, family, foes, kings, queens, talking creatures, dragons, murderers, monsters, demons, gods, and especially themselves if they ever hope to make it out of the experience alive….

The subtitle of the current storyline is called “The Great Eights.”

“Time Trouble” updates once a week (freelance work and job-time permitting). Updates are usually announced on my social media accounts, linked on the left sidebar.

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