01. Story Structure

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“Now, the technique that I’m using here is called ‘breaking the fourth wall’. And, as you can see, I’m talking to you both A) in the comic itself, B) here in this very column, and C) in what I believe is called ‘the alternate text’. If you don’t know what alternate text is, hover your… Continue reading 01. Story Structure

04. Advance Generation

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“Oh, my! Look at all these silly names in the tags. Such colors. Such cultures. Such beliefs. So many… So, so many…

EX1. The TT Casting Call

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Hiya, gang! Sorry I’m late! I’ll start the standard narration now— Wait… Why do you guys look so creeped out? .___.;;

Ch.01 – Interlude #1: Almond

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Generation Zero: From nothing to something! Travel with Almond—and his rival, Nougat—to destinations unknown…